Ferro Titanium


  • Ti : 30-35% / Ti : 68 -72 %

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Ferro Titanium is a ferro alloy that is made of elements, such as titanium and iron, with occasional trace carbon. In the induction furnace, titanium bearing material along with iron or steel is melted to obtain Ferro Titanium. It forms insoluble compounds by reacting with sulfur, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. This ferro alloy has high strength, low density and good resistance against corrosion. Several titanium bearing materials are titanium scrap, leucoxene, rutile, titanium sponge, ilmenite, etc. Ferro titanium of several grades and specifications are produced ny either melting the titanium bearing material in induction furnace or by aluminothermic method. Different grades can be produced, each has specific applications, for instance:

  • 20-25% Ti is meant to be used in foundries
  • 35-40% Ti for welding
  • 70% Ti for SS production


  • It is used in steel and stainless steel processing units for the production of low carbon steels and as a stabilizer to prevent formation of chromium carbide at grain boundaries.
  • It is used as additives in the production of special steel and flux-cored wire.
  • It finds use in military as well as commercial aircrafts.
  • It is used in products, like varnishes, lacquers and paints.
  • It can be added to the molten metal together with titanium in foundry to impart strength to it without changing other ratios.