Ferro Niobium


  • NB : 60 % min/ Nb : 63% min


More Details About The Product


Ferro Niobium is an amalgam, which is framed by consolidating iron and niobium with a niobium content scope of 60-70%. Ferro Niobium is the main alloying specialist utilized for high-quality low-amalgam (HSLA) steel and Ferro Niobium has caught 80% of the world market in HSLA. Ferro Niobium can viably twofold the quality and strength, just as diminish the heaviness of the combination, it is an exceptionally alluring compound.

Ferro Niobium is picked up by the aluminothermic decrease of niobium pentoxide from Pyrochlore, a mineral found in basic rocks, granitic pegmatites and carbonatites. The aluminothermic depletion is carried out within the existence of Iron. After the cementing of the metal a few tasks of processing and sieving are completed, subsequently getting the reasonable particle size for utilization in steel production and foundries. The biggest producers of ferroniobium are situated in Brazil and Canada.

Ferro Niobium is an added substance to the generation procedure of indistinct metals and will bestow a few alluring properties upon the subsequent compound. One of the essential advantages of adding Ferro Niobium to an amalgam is in its enemy of destructive properties (superior to anything carbon steel). Furthermore, the adding of Ferro Niobium to a combination can make it increasingly weldable and a lot more grounded. With the expansion of different components, for example, Zirconium, Ferro Niobium-created steel is ideal for directionally delicate applications, for example, suspension spans. Ferro Niobium expands high temperature opposition, consumption obstruction, oxidation obstruction, creep opposition, just as decreasing disintegration at higher temperatures.

The biggest makers of Ferro Niobium are situated in Brazil and Canada. Niobium is first mined from Pyrochlore stores and is then prepared into Niobium Pentoxide. This oxide is blended in with iron oxide just as aluminum, and afterward decreased in an aluminothermy response to Niobium and Iron. The subsequent Ferro Niobium is cleansed by electron-shaft liquefying or utilized in its present condition. Ferro Niobium is normally provided in powder or briquettes (from 2mm to 50mm), in either packs or steel drums for transportation.


Ferro Niobium is used mainly to increase the strength of the alloys, including:

  • The manufacturing of High-Strength special Steels Low-Alloy (HSLA), mainly used in automobiles, pipe fabrication, structural steels and stainless steels resistant to high temperatures.
  • The manufacturing of stainless steels.
  • The manufacturing of superalloys.
  • The increase in weldability, etc.