Ferro Silicon


  • Si : 70 %min, Al : 1.5% max, C : 0.1% max

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A ferro alloy composed of silicon and iron is Ferro Silicon. The silicon content in this ferro alloy is between 15% and 90%. There is high proportion of iron silicide in it. Other elements present in Ferro Silicon are calcium and aluminium. This corrosion and abrasion resistant ferro alloys is silvery grey to dark grey in color. Its particles are available in different forms, like milled, crushed and lumps. It might react with water for hydrogen production. Some of the largest producers of this odorless Ferro Silicon are India, USA and China, responsible for global supply.


Ferro Silicon production process starts with the blend of coke and silica (or sand), which is then subjected to reduction process in the presence of any iron source. Some of the most common iron sources are mill scale and scrap iron. If the silicon content is up to 15%, ferro silicon is made in blast furnaces lined with acid fire bricks. If the silicon content is larger than aforementioned, then electric arc furnace is used. The most common ferro silicon formulations include silicon content of 15%, 45%, 75%, and 90%. The rest content used is iron, along with about 2% of calcium and aluminium. Larger silica content prevents silicon carbide formation.


  • Ferro silicon is a great source of silicon, which is why it is used for reducing metals for their oxides and deoxidizing steel & other ferrous alloys.
  • Several ferro alloys can be made using ferro silicon.
  • Silicon can be manufactured along with silicon steel and ferrous silicon alloys that are resistant to corrosion and high temperature.
  • In the cast iron manufacturing, ferro silicon is used in iron inoculation process to increase graphitization.
  • It is used in electrode coatings in arc welding.
  • It can be used as an additive to cast irons to control the initial silicon content.
  • Magnesium ferrosilicon (MgFeSi) is a prealloy which can be manufactured for the production of ductile iron.
  • Magnesium from dolomite can be made in the Pidgeon process with the use of Ferro silicon.
  • It can also be used in the production of carbon steel, silicon steel and stainless steel.
  • It is used in metallurgical industry for different processes and reactions.
  • Electric industry buys this ferro alloy to use it as a source of pure silicon.
  • Chemical industry use it for the production of silicon copper.