Ferro Boron


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Iron and boron are combined to form Ferro Boron (Fe-B). Many applications demand durable, strong and specialist steel; it is where ferro boron plays a key role. It is added to the steel to improve its properties. This ferro alloy is most useful when it comes to the production of specialist steel, even though this production process is expensive. It can be used as the most economical boron additive for steel and several other ferrous metals. It is available in different forms, like ferro boron powder, ferro boron granules and ferro boron lump.

In the production of amorphous metals, Ferro Boron is used as an additive to impart desirable properties to the resultant alloy. Using Ferro Boron as an additive to an alloy is beneficial as it can increase resultant alloy's magnetic susceptibility and make it suitable for Nd-Fe-B magnets production. Deep quench ability of the resultant alloy is also increased with the addition of Ferro Boron. Ferro Boron also improves wash resistance property of an alloy.

India, China and Turkey are top producers Ferro Boron and are responsible to supply it globally.

Production Process

In the production of Ferro Boron, a small amount of raw Boron and iron are mixed together. The resultant ferro alloy will be in either powder or lumps form. It is packaged in large bags and sold as per the weight.

Physical Properties

It is available in powder form in desired particle size.


There are many applications of Ferro Boron, some of which are mentioned below:

  • It is used in hot spray painting.
  • It is useful element in the amorphous metals production.
  • It can be added to silicon compound and small quantity of iron at initial stage in the magnetic glass production.
  • It can make C-Mn and low alloy steels more hard.
  • It can be used to produce automotive sheet steels and low carbon cold working wire rod.