Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese


  • Mn: 70% / 80 % ,Si : 1% max / 3 % max , P: 0.15 % max / 0.35 % max

More Details About The Product


Manganese Oxide is reduced in blast furnaces or electric furnaces, Ferro Manganese is formed. Manganese ore in the presence of carbon is reduced to produce standard ferro manganese or high carbon ferro manganese. It is possible to reprocess slags into Ferro Silico Manganese, which can be again refined into Low and Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese. The content of manganese and carbon in Ferro Manganese are 75% and 7% respectively. The variants of Ferro Manganese are High Carbon Ferro Manganese, Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese and Low Carbon Ferro Manganese.

Medium carbon ferro manganese is mainly used to produce E6013 electrodes. Additionally, it is used in steel and casting industries, as it assists in removing sulphur from steel and improve properties, like durability, machinability and malleability. It can deoxidize molten metal. Either MOR or aluminothermic is used to produce medium carbon ferro manganese.