Manganese Metals Lumps


  • Mn : 97 % min
  • C : 1 % max
  • Si : 1.5 % max
  • P : 0.3 % max
  • S : 0.05 % max
  • Size : 10-50mm 90 % min

More Details About The Product


Manganese is a substance component with image Mn and nuclear number 25. It isn't found as a free component in nature; it is regularly found in minerals in blend with iron. Manganese is a metal with significant mechanical metal composite uses, especially in tempered steels.

Manganese Metal Lumps are strong structures arranged of inflammable items, for example, charcoal, manganese, biomass and sodium nitrate. This metal is profoundly utilized in the creation of hardened steel and synthetic mixes.

Manganese metal lumps block is usually used as an alloying additive in the metallurgical industry, the main purpose is to be used as ferro-alloys in the steel smelting.

The crude materials is gotten by a specific desulfurization decarbonization operator, added to the middle recurrence electric heater purifying, manganese was acquired after completely softened into the throwing ingot shape, hardened squashed into 10-60mm the size of the square manganese metal.  


The production of special steel (stainless steel, high-manganese steel, etc.), non-ferrous alloy (Cu, Al, etc.), and high purity MnCO3/Mn3CO4, electric welding rod, etc.

Manganese is too brittle to be of much use as a pure metal. It is mainly used in alloys, such as steel.