Manganese Briquettes


  • Mn : 97 % min

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Manganese Metal Briquette is an intermediate for iron and steel metallurgy. It is used in the end of the steel-making to achieve the final desulfurization and deoxidation and alloying, so as to improve the strength and toughness of high quality steel and high manganese alloys.

Manganese Briquettes are solid structures prepared of inflammable products such as charcoal, manganese, biomass and sodium nitrate. This metal is highly used in the production of stainless steel and chemical compounds.

Natural silicon and a naturally found element in the earth called manganese are mixed to form a chemical compound known as Manganese Briquettes. These two elements can be used in the production of many specialty steel alloys. When added to steel, it enhances its strength and function. Also known as SiMn and ferro silico manganese, Silico Manganese can be used in many applications apart from those linked with standard steel products.

Drinks cans are made of an alloy of aluminium with 1.5% manganese, to improve resistance to corrosion. With aluminium, antimony and copper it forms highly magnetic alloys.