Low Carbon Ferro Manganese


  • Mn : 70 % / 80 % , C : 0.1% max , P : 0.15 % max

More Details About The Product


Ferro alloys, like ferro manganese are developed to improved properties of steel and alloys. Ferro Manganese (FeMn) lumps are used in steel industry, while the FeMn powder finds use in welding industry. It is widely used in steel manufacturing. FeMn can counteract the negative effects of sulfur. It acts as a deoxidizer and can be added with sulfur to improve the product's hot-working properties. It can also impart following metallurgical properties:

  • Strength
  • Hardness
  • Toughness

Low carbon ferro manganese is one of the ferro manganese grades that is produced by the alumino thermic process. Steel industry use this grade of ferro manganese in the production of tool steel ( up to 0.4% Mn), 18-8 Austenitic non magnetic SS and structural steel (upto 0.6% Mn). MS welding electrodes (E6013) and other electrodes are also produced using it. It is mainly packaged in jumbo bags and steel drums.