High Carbon Ferro Manganese Low Phosphorus


  • Mn: 70 % min / 75 % min , Si : 0.5 % max / 1.5 % max, P : 0.1% max , C: 6-8%

More Details About The Product


Manganese (Mn) is a chemical element which can be found in minerals in conjunction with iron. Apart from being widely used as an alloying element in steel industry, it is also used in aluminium. It can be added to copper alloys as well. Other uses of manganese are as a ceramic & brick colorant, portable dry batteries and chemical applications. Ferro manganese was invented while producing steel by Henry Bessemer. He wanted to introduce manganese in controlled proportions. Different grades of Ferro manganese were then introduced. One of the several grades is high carbon ferro manganese low phosphorus.

The specification of high carbon ferro manganese low phosphorus are minimum 75% Mn, 6-8% C, maximum 1.5% Si, 0.2% P, and 0.04% S. This grade of ferro manganese can be used in the production of steel, welding electrodes and special kinds of stick electrodes. Bulk bags are used to pack high carbon ferro manganese low phosphorus.