Ferro Sulphur


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A ferro alloy that comprises sulphur and iron content is Ferro Sulphur. The sulphur content in the Ferro Sulphur can be either between 28-32 percent or 48-50 percent. The sulphur content decides the grade of this ferro alloy.


This ferro alloy is mainly used in metallurgy to provide required sulphur content to steel or any other alloy. This ferro alloy is not used in elemental sulphur, as the sulphur's low melting point can gather on the surface of molten metal, leading to the emission of SO2 and decline in its mechanical properties by forming a low eutectic melting point in the grain boundaries.

The applications of Ferro Sulphur are mentioned below:

Cast Iron production: The residual sulphur level decreases when melted in foundry, mainly because of scrap steel use and low sulphur content. If the level of sulphur is less than 0.04%, it is observed that melting does not respond to inoculants. Therefore, it becomes essential to increase the sulphur content making use of Ferro Sulphur to bring the level in a range between 0.05%-0.12%.

Alloyed steels production: Ferro sulphur is used as cost-effective resulphurizing agent in steels to achieve minimum sulphur content of more than 0.015% and prevent hydrogen embrittlement.

Cutting steel production: In the production of free cutting steels of carbon, alloy and stainless types, this ferro alloy can be used as a resulfurizing agent. It can improve steel castings' machinability when used as an alloying agent. These steel castings are used in manufacturing of several steel components. The sulphur content used is between the range of 0.15 and 0.30.

White Iron formation: In the electrically melted iron, ferro sulphide together with ferro silicon and ferro manganese are added in order to increase its sulphur contents. White iron is formed with the addition of ferro sulphur and sulphur content obtained is about 0.15%.

Dye: It is used in alternate form to dye base material, like stone and wood.

Medical: In medical sector, ferro sulphur is used as an astringent and styptic.

Water Treatment: It is used in industrial as well as municipal sewage treatment plant for removal of phosphate and water purification by flocculation.

Other Uses: The dry and moist form of this ferro alloy are used in applications, like wood panels treatment, crude phosphoric acid purification, catalysts, fertilizer, animal feed and iron oxide.