Cobalt Metal Powder


  • Co : 99.9 % min (200 mesh Powder)

More Details About The Product


Cobalt is a hard and brittle metal that appears similar to nickel and iron, however, has two third magnetic permeability of iron. It is mainly produced as a by-product of ores of copper, iron, lead, silver and nickel. The exceptional magnetic strength of this metal is the reason it is often alloyed with other metals. The hardness and oxidation resistance factors make Cobalt an ideal metal to be used in electroplating. With a chemical formula Co, Cobalt metal can be availed in powder form.

Cobalt metal powder with 58.93320 molecular weight (g/mol.) and 27 atomic number contains 99.9% Co given to its hardness and oxidation resistance. This powder finds use mainly in electroplating. Cobalt Briquette is oxidized in the reduction process of Hydrogen for the production of cobalt metal. Hydrogen is reduced for the production of cobalt powder. Cobalt Powder is packaged in metal drums.

Cobalt Powder Applications

Cobalt powder can be alloyed with other metals to form super alloys. It finds use in many processes and products, for instance rechargeable batteries, powder metallurgy parts, diamond tools, thermal spraying materials, sintering, electroplating, powder metallurgy, battery materials, magnetic materials, chemicals, etc.