Chromium Metal Lumps


  • Cr : 99%min

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 It Is A Steely-Grey, Lustrous, Hard And Brittle Transition Metal. Chromium Boasts A High Usage Rate As A Metal That Is Able To Be Highly Polished While Resisting Tarnishing. Simple Polished Chromium Reflects Almost 70% Of The Visible Spectrum, With Almost 90% Of Infrared Light Waves Being Reflected The Two Fundamental Results Of Chromite Refining Are Ferro Chrome And Chromium Metal. For The Production Of Ferro Chrome The Chromite Ore Is Reduced, Usually By Coal And Coke In A High Temperature Reaction In An Electric Arc Furnace To Form The Iron-Chrome Alloy.

Chromium Metal Is Of High Incentive For Its High Corrosion Resistance And Hardness. A Noteworthy Improvement In Steel Creation Was The Revelation That Steel Could Be Made Exceptionally Impervious To Consumption And Staining By Adding Metallic Chromium To Shape Hardened Steel. And Promotes The Retention Of Useful Strength Level At Elevated  Temperatures.
Treated Steel And Chrome Plating (electroplating With Chromium) Together Include 85% Of The Business Use.


For Production Of Pure Chrome The Iron Has To Be Separated From The Chrome In A Two-Step Roasting And Leaching Process. The Largest Producing Countries Of Ferrochrome Are South Africa, Kazakhstan, India And China


Chromium Is The Main Components In Stainless Steel, Due To Its Uncommonly High Specular Reflection
It Is Used In Constructional Alloy Steel