Chromite Sand


  • Cr2O3 :46% min

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Chromite is an Iron chromium oxide that occurs naturally in the earth's crust. This industrially essential mineral is used to produce metallic chromium, that is further used to produce Stainless and Tool Steel. The high heat stability property of this material makes it an essential refractory material. The chromium can be extracted from chromite. This is majorly utilized in super alloys production, chrome plating, as a pigment for products, like paint and glass, and as an oxidizing agent for tanning leather. India is amongst the top Chrome ore producing countries.

Naturally occurring spinel called Chromite Sand encompasses iron and chrome oxides. Chromite Sand can be identified by dark grey color and granular form. Possessing certain properties, it is used as core and mould making sand in grey iron and steel foundries. It has good chilling properties due to its high thermal conductivity. The dimensional stability can be assured due to low thermal expansion. Chromite Sand finds its major use in steel production as a well filler that protects sliding gates in steel holding ladles. As a fine flour, it is also used in manufacturing green glass beverage containers.