Carbon Additive (Raiser)


  • FC : 90% min / 92% min / 95% min

More Details About The Product


Carbon Raiser is mainly used as additive and fuel. Also known as carbon additive, calcined anthracite coal and gas calcined anthracite coal, its main ingredient is anthracite with characteristic of low sulfur and ash. More than 95% fixed carbon can be achieved by using it as a carbon additive of steel-smelting and casting.

The DC electric calciner is used for calcining Anthracite at high temperature about more 2000 degrees. This results in efficiently removing moisture and volatile matter from Anthracite. It also improves several parameters, such as anti-oxidation, density, electric conductivity and mechanical strength. The characteristics of carbon raiser are good, while it has high density, low carbon, low ash and low resistivity. It is mainly used as a raw material for carbon products. In steel industry, it is used as carbon additive.

It can be used as an alternative to the stone grinds and refinery coke, because of its low cost. The calorific value of Carbon Additive can be more than 9386K/KG, which is why it can be used as a fuel.

When in vertical shaft furnaces Anthracite is calcined under the 1240 degrees temperature, Calcined Anthracite is produced. There are many applications of the Calcined Anthracite, for instance carbon material production, removal of rust in ship building, water filtering and electric steel ovens.

Calcined petroleum coke is also used in the making of Carbon Raiser. Chemistry, machinery, metallurgy, electricity are some industries where it is used as carbon additive and intermediate reactor.

Based on the factors, like quality requirements of the steel or ferroalloy production, cost and availability of carbon products, charging carbon is selected. Coke has a relative low and consistent S/P content, high percentage of carbon content. The porous structure of coke enables hot metal to enter the small fissures and efficient devourment of its carbon content. The cost effective and easy to use Coke is considered as a best material for the furnace operation in slag foaming or in carbon adjustment.

Carbon Raiser Applications:

  • Metallurgical
  • Steel-making